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Through partnerships with TD Ameritrade Institutional and Verisight, as well as nationally established Third Party Administrators, we focus on designing, implementing, benchmarking, and managing corporate and non-profit retirement plans for companies based in Ohio with satellite locations across the country.  There are three significant components that separate us from the vast majority of financial planning and money management firms:  How We’re Paid, Our Investment Philosophy, and On-Going Education of 401K Employees.

How We’re Paid
  • We are a NAPFA affiliated, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm
  • We cannot legally accept commissions or kickbacks
  • We keep our retirement plan costs extremely low by using open architecture record keepers, trusted TPAs, and low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • Our fee is 1% per year or lower depending on the size of the plan
Our Investment Philosophy


S-curve-Andy-transparent money management


Financial advisory firms typically select the latest, greatest investments, based on star-rankings and a 5 or 10-year track record.  If you haven’t learned the hard way yet, you will eventually.  Because when the market crashes, the advisors at these firms are trained to show you mountain charts, refer to different periods in time, and then they regurgitate the same old one-liners, such as  “don’t worry, it’ll come back.  You haven’t lost anything unless you sell it.  Just stay the course and you’ll be fine.”  The truth is, you haven’t made anything unless you sell it!

This is why we’re proud to say that we’re one of the few companies in the country who act as a 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager.  This means that we act as an advocate for your retirement plan, managing the investments in your employees’ portfolios based on their specific, individual needs.

Through the use of trend-following, relative strength, sector/country rotation, and other methods of technical analysis, our firm aims to capture as much upside in the markets as possible, while at the same time capturing as little of the downside as possible during market crashes.  We want to ensure you arrive at retirement on time, and more importantly, protect your money so that it lasts longer than you do.


Employee Education
  • Semi-Annual Employee Update Meetings
  • Free “401k Boot Camps” on topics such as Retirement Planning, Estate & Tax Planning and Investments 101 and other financial planning topics for your employees
  • We won’t “sell” your employees on other products…we’re a Fee-Only Firm
  • The first point of contact for your employees’ retirement plan and investment advice

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