How We Get Paid


We are a NAPFA affiliated, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, which means we do not sell products to our clients.  While the vast majority of financial advisory firms are held to a “suitability” standard, we are held to a higher, fiduciary standard.  This requires us to make decisions that are in the best interest of our client, acting as their advocate, even if it means earning less revenue for the firm.

Because fee-only firms have a competitive advantage over other firms, many advisors have started calling themselves “Fee-Based,” but don’t be confused.  All this means is that they can charge a flat percentage of total money managed.  However, they can still charge commissions on mutual funds, annuities, and insurance products.

  • We pay for all transaction costs to buy or sell an investment.
  • There are no penalties to get out of investments you purchase through us.
  • When you join our family, you’re free to leave at any time, without restrictions, contracts, penalties, or “catches.”

We also implement a Family Discount that reduces the total fee charged, based on the aggregate value of all family members’ portfolios!

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Libertas Wealth Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm