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Why Proactive Money Management Makes Sense for Clients

We all have moments in our lives that become engrained in our minds forever. Whether good or bad, these memories often make a huge impact on your attitude and outlook on life.

I made one of those memories just this past December. I was trying to convince another professional in our industry (a relatively new advisor with our firm) why active, tactical portfolio management was superior to the archaic, passive “buy-and-hold” model.

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3 Things You Should Know About the Second Half of 2017

The stock market took a tumble this past Thursday for a drop of roughly -1.5%.  While it was only a drop of 1.5%, the S&P500 tends to pull-back to the tune of -3 to -5% about three times per year.  In addition, the market typically experiences a correction of -11% or so, on average, each year since The Great Depression.  Bad days in the market (like the one we saw on Thursday) are normal.  However, there are three things you should know about the market this year as we make our way out of summer. read more…

Trump, Investigations, and the Markets

I’m not a political writer and I don’t want to be one.  However, there are times when politics can interfere with the markets.  Furthermore, when I have two clients approach me with questions such as…

“How will this new investigation into Trump affect the stock market?”


“What would happen to the market if Trump were impeached?”

…I feel a certain responsibility to weigh in with a few unbiased, objective thoughts.

First, let’s summarize what’s going on.  There are technically five investigations taking place, four of which are being implemented by politicians and one criminal investigation.  Here are the main issues being investigated, overall: read more…