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Making Sense of the Stock Market’s Wild Ride

Since World War II, the stock market is historically flat through the first part of October in mid-term election years.  Typically however, the 4th quarter of these mid-term years has statistically turned a flat year into an average +7% gain in those last three months…but not this year.  That is, unless something drastically changes in the next week or two, the chances of such gains are slim-to-none.

The S&P500 is basically flat while:

  • International Emerging Markets (EEM) are down -13.75%
  • International Developed Markets (EFA) are down -12.69%
  • Commodities (DBC)are down -6.56%, and
  • Bonds (TLT) are down -6.83%

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6 Questions (and Answers) about Investment Performance

This is the last installment of “Nerdvember” and I wanted it to be as comprehensive and educational as possible.  Today I want to share some not-so-well-known information about beating the stock market.  I know – that sounds super gimmicky – and it is!  The thing is, if you look back at our Nerdvember series this past month, I already shared several great ideas and strategies on when to buy, when to sell, and what to buy when you’re in the market.  So today I’m going to answer some questions on the concept of benchmarks, beating the market, and performance expectations.  It’s a long one that I really think everyone should read, so wait for a time when you don’t have anything going on, kick your feet up, put on a blanket and enjoy! read more…

Is the Market Topping?

For this fourth installment of “Nerdvember,” we’re going to change gears from last week’s article on how to find strong investments.  This week, we’re going to discuss strategies on determining when to buy and when to sell.  The best part is, this market is freaking some people out, so I’m going to share some ideas and a few of the (many) red flags I look for when determining if the market is topping, or if we’re just in the midst of a normal, healthy correction.

Alright, in the interest of keeping this short, sweet, and easy to read, I’m going to share lots of pictures with annotations and brief descriptions for each, below.

First, here’s the NYSE Composite Index.  As you can see, as of Tuesday’s market close, it’s down -11.6% since the January high and -5.9% year-to-date.

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