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Real (Good) News

However “real” the news may be perceived, rarely is news “breaking.”  However, in light of all the annoying, repetitive press these days, I thought I’d share some good news that – as a matter of fact – is somewhat ground-breaking.

Something happened this month that hasn’t occurred since November of 2009.  A relatively accurate, very-long-term stock market indicator flipped positive after spending the last 23 months on a sell signal.

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This Number Can Predict the Stock Market

At first glance, you should already be questioning the validity of this article based on the title, alone!  Can anything really predict the stock market?!  As it turns out, there one statistic that has a pretty good track record when it comes to predicting the outcome of the S&P500 each year.  It’s called “The January Barometer,” invented by Yale Hirsch decades ago, and it has an 87.9% success rate.  Not bad…

You may have heard the saying, “As January goes, so goes the rest of the year.”  Translated, if the month of January is positive, then the statistic reports that the entire year will end positive as well.  This is the essence of the January Barometer (JB).

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Coach’s Corner-I Can Do It Myself

Growing up as an only child, I liked telling myself that I could figure things out on my own.  Older siblings give you an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and successes.  Younger siblings provide a way to learn patience and how to be a proper role model.  I can’t speak for those of you who have brothers and sisters, but I can only imagine all the life lessons you learned the hard way when it came to being one.  As an only child, I had to learn all these important aspects differently than most and I’m still working on a lot of them today.

One of the biggest concepts I’ve always struggled with is that it’s ok to lean on others for support, knowledge, and help.  Sometimes another person’s strengths and life experience can enhance the areas in your life where you fall short.  Or maybe…it could make your life a little simpler.  Stay with me, I’m headed somewhere with this. read more…

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