Our Latest Market Commentary

Record-Breaking Momentum Ignites Warning

In our annual Market Outlook, I mentioned that 2017 was one of the smoothest years for the market in history.  I also wrote in the written supplement to this year’s outlook that if you added up all the days that the market was down in 2017, the total was equivalent to only -27.36%, which is the lowest percentage of cumulative lows since 1915.

In addition to these huge record-breaking numbers, Mark Zinder (one of my early mentors) pointed out last week two statistics I found extremely interesting. read more…

Market Outlook and Forecast for 2018

In the past, I’ve always put together a recorded screencast so that readers could follow my mouse and listen to me explain my way through charts, tables, and graphs.  If you’d rather watch the 20-minute video and listen to me talk at you with a cold as I lose my voice, click here!  At any rate, it seems easier to educate in this way, but we’ve received several requests to put our Market Outlook in written form as well, and since we work for our clients (not the other way around!), I present to you our first ever written version of our annual forecast.

First, let’s discuss the stock market. 

read more…

The Tax Bill-Made Easy!

No matter the legislation, I’ve never been one to worry (or plan for) any bill until it’s signed.  So, with the bill being signed this afternoon, it’s time to make these new, complex laws simple – all while translating it into language that explains how it affects you.

Standard Deduction Doubled:

Single tax filers see their standard deduction increase from $6,350 to $12,000 and couple married filing joint get an increase from $12,700 to $24,000.  This means more deductions in most cases, especially for those who don’t typically itemize… and for those that do itemize, they might not need to any longer. read more…