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Since 2001,

one key principle has been the foundation of our company: all financial advice should be provided as if it were to be the on the cover page of tomorrow’s news. As one of the few, truly fee-only retirement planning firms in central Ohio, we provide high-touch, caring, fiduciary-driven financial planning and investment management to individuals, couples, and companies.

Through a 4-step process,

we work with you to build a fully customized financial plan, develop a retirement plan, construct an appropriate investment portfolio, and continually monitor your investments on a daily basis. As you join our family of clients, we will passionately construct a path for you to retire worry-free, and enjoy the best version of your life.

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“No one can control the political climate, the economy, or the direction of the markets. What they can control is how well they plan and how much they save. My job is to help my clients put one foot in front of the other, all while staying focused on the fact that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Zak Leedom CFP®

Financial Adviser

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