Market Commentary

Do You Need a Financial Plan?

We have an unwavering passion for preserving investments during volatile markets and providing our clients with capital preservation, inflation protection, and steady ongoing income. With all that said, we cannot build family legacies without a tailored, comprehensive financial plan and solutions to go along with the plan.

We often say, “Without a plan, how do we even know how to manage your money? How much risk do we need to take?” Without a plan, you’re just investing and hoping you have enough; hoping you won’t run out of money someday. “Hope” is not a strategy.

Let me quickly explain what a financial plan is

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How Are You Paying for Financial Advice?

One of the absolute biggest sources of confusion in the investment world is the topic of fees. Much like paperwork and regulation, trying to figure out how and what you’re paying for financial advice is about as easy as cutting down a redwood with a herring (some of you will appreciate my reference). If you want to know how much your advice is costing you – and more importantly, what you’re getting for that advice – watch the video below and then read on.

Trend Following in Today’s Stock Market

This past month, with the market getting a little temperamental, we’ve had a handful of prospective clients dipping their toes in the water, asking us questions about our investment philosophy. So this week, I thought I’d try to go through a “how we do what we do” in as simple a manner as possible. Naturally, feel free to write back with any questions, so we can elaborate. When it comes to strategy, it’s very easy to go overboard with jargon, so I don’t want to completely over-do it here.