Coach’s Corner-“Your Money is Just a Piece of Your Legacy!”

Written By:

Laurie Hermance-Moore, Accredited Genealogist®, Heritage Bridge, and
Adam D. Koos, CFP®, CMT®


Have you thought about what you want your legacy to be?  Of course, you want to protect and grow your financial assets, but wouldn’t you agree that your legacy – your true legacy – is about more than the money you pass along to future generations?


The definition of the word “legacy” can be expanded upon to include “The purposeful activity of capturing everything of value to pass to future generations: your wealth and your property—but also your family’s traditions and stories, your knowledge, your experience, and your values.”  Or more simply put, legacy is the thoughtful and intentional process of deciding on gifts to share with future generations.


Gifts can take many forms. Financial gifts provide opportunities for your family and important charitable organizations.  Gifts of property can ensure that ownership stays in the family.  Gifts of your experience and insight can provide a benefit to your children, and perhaps can help them avoid a key mistake in life.


However, gifts of your family’s stories, culture, and traditions can strengthen your present-day family and preserve family history for future generations!


What if you could build a comprehensive legacy… is this something that has ever crossed your mind?  Regardless of whether or not this has ever occurred to you and your family, here are a few bullet-points to get your wheels turning:


Purposeful Retirement Planning:

Don’t leave your family’s future to “chance.”  Get your financial house in order through coordination of an asset accumulation, tax, estate, investment, retirement, income and distribution planning through the completion of a consultative and comprehensive, written financial plan.


Capture your own experience and wisdom with LifeBio:

When one generation passes, more than half of the stories from that generation are lost to the generation that succeeds them.  Allow a decade or two to elapse and almost all of your parents’ (or grandparents’) stories are gone… forever.


LifeBio is an added service and benefit that Libertas Wealth Management Group provides clients at no cost, in an effort to capture these life stories so that you (and your parents/grandparents) can be remembered for decades – or even centuries to come!  To learn more, head over to


Provide the gift of a simple, stress-free, multi-generational transition with a “My Promise Kit”:

52% of individuals and couples have no estate plan (will, healthcare directive, or powers of attorney) and the vast majority of those who have an estate plan are in dire need of an amendment… but an estate plan, even if properly completed, isn’t enough.

What would happen to your family if you were to pass away today?  Would they know how to:


  • Find your life insurance policies and investment statements?
  • Locate the deeds to your homes and/or the titles to your cars?
  • Login to your computer, server, or spreadsheets to pay your family’s bills?


What if you were sick, in an accident, incapacitated, or in an urgent care facility in another state?  Would you have your prescription drug list, surgical and medical history close at-hand and available for first responders if you were in an accident – or even if you simply needed to visit a clinic for a fever or strep throat?


What if your daughter got sick and ended up in the hospital while at college, but the doctor and nurses couldn’t share the details of what’s wrong, due HIPAA to laws and a lack of advance healthcare directive in her possession?

Click Here to watch the video that describes the purpose behind the “My Promise Kit” movement and how it came to fruition within the Libertas Wealth family of clients.  Libertas provides this as part of advanced estate planning services so that you can make the same promise to your family that Adam did to his bride.


Begin to collect and celebrate your family history:


Another way you can pass on your legacy is by collecting and preserving your family history as a gift to the next generation.  It’s easy for these valuable items to be lost over time, and with them, the stories of your family’s accomplishments and struggles… both of which hold tremendous value for your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  By making the effort to discover and understand your ancestors, you ensure family continuity into the future.


Need help getting started with family history? Click here to get a free family history checklist, courtesy of Heritage Bridge.


Not everyone has a passion for research and details (both of the authors of this article are admittedly nerdy with details!).  If that isn’t you, and you want to prioritize telling your family’s story and rounding out your legacy, then Heritage Bridge can support you.  From capturing and organizing your family stories to extending your lines back in time and making new discoveries, it’s all possible. Learn more at


We’d like to end where we started:   Money isn’t everything – and a dollar sign doesn’t have to come before your personal legacy!    

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