“My Promise Kit” Program

No one ever wants to break a promise, and some are easier kept than others.  In the context of financial planning at our office, “My Promise” refers to a pledge we can help you make (and keep) to your family.   It all started when the president of our firm, Adam Koós, unexpectedly lost his 13-month younger brother in a motorcycle accident.

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We’ve taken the lessons that Adam learned from the untimely passing of his brother and turned it into a positive.  Using the experience and knowledge gained, as well as the tools that we’ve gathered, we help you promise your families that, whether you’ve become ill, or even if you’re just taking a quick trip to the grocery store… if you don’t make it home, that your family will be taken care of as well.


  • 58% of people haven’t organized their online passwords


  • 47% of people do not have an advance healthcare directive


  • 72% don’t have a comprehensive estate plan in place


  • 30% of those who have an estate plan have no idea where their documents are stored


  • 54% of those surveyed said that they haven’t told their executor or trustee how to find or access these crucial documents


We help you gather and create an internet password organizer, insurance documents, investment statements, and powers of attorney, to medical information, healthcare directives, living wills, real estate deeds, vehicle and personal property titles, all of which can be organized in your kit.

Picture1 "My Promise Kit" Program

Secondly, we’ll help you gather all your non-personally identifiable information (things like important details that first responders and medical practitioners would need access to) and help you save all this information on an ICE Key, so that it’s always with you, on your keychain, if the worst were to occur and the difference between life or death is perhaps one crucial little detail that otherwise might go unnoticed.

Picture2 "My Promise Kit" Program

Third, we back-up all this information to our encrypted “My Promise Vault,” just in case any of your documents become lost or destroyed.  Doing so provides redundancy in the case that you’re out of town and need to access any of your important information from a remote location.  We can also provide your beneficiaries with limited access to your vault today so that if something happens to you, at the flip of a switch, we can give the executor(s) or trustee(s) of your estate full access to all your important documents, making the administration of your estate seamless and stress-free.

Lastly, we hold your hand through this entire process, walking you through every item on the checklist, making the process easy for you and your family.


As the old saying goes:  “No one plans to fail – they simply fail to plan.” 


So let us be your partner through this process and allow us to help you get your financial house in order.

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