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+ Purposeful Retirement Planning

Whether you’re planning for retirement – or if you’re already enjoying your retirement years – we help you define your goals and coordinate your tax, estate, investment, supplemental income, healthcare, and financial planning all into one comprehensive, stress-free plan. Once completed, we work closely with you and your other trusted professionals (CPA’s, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.), holding your hand to (and through) your retirement years.

+ Investment Management

We believe most investors cannot afford to experience catastrophic retirement portfolio losses, as they did in the crashes of 2000-02 and 2007-09. This is why we manage our clients’ retirement portfolios using technical analysis. We explain our philosophy in more detail on the 2nd meeting in our wealth management process, but in short, we are trend-followers (not trend predictors). We do not subscribe to the “Buy & Hold” methodology practiced by most firms. Rather, our goal is to participate and grow our clients’ wealth during favorable periods, and then protect wealth when risk levels are high. Put simply, our strategy is aimed at avoiding market crashes, first and foremost, which is why we named our patented investment management strategy “Defense First®.”

As an enormous added benefit to you, our clients have personal access to the portfolio manager at our firm. Adam D. Koos, CFP®, CMT®, is part of an exclusive community of only 2,600 Chartered Market Technicians in the world.

The CMT® charter, founded in the late-1960’s, demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge involving portfolio management, risk management, quantitative systems development, and applied behavioral finance. The philosophy is grounded in classical, behavioral economics, as well as chart/pattern recognition, but extends beyond these levels to included quantitative approaches to market research and rules-based trading system design and testing. It is a professional designation that requires two years of post-graduate financial coursework, three exams ranging between 2-4 hours in length (each), three recommendation letters from past CMT® charter holders, and acceptance into membership by the CMT® Association’s review committee after a thorough review of the candidates own personal research and analysis of the markets.

Through the creation of unbiased, rule-based investment strategies for his clients, Adam is also held to the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Code of Ethics, as well as the CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM) Code of Ethics, in addition to being a fiduciary, fee-only financial adviser.

+ Estate & Family Legacy Planning

The most important things in life – Love, Family, Health, and Faith – money cannot buy. Although you dream of a secure and comfortable retirement, your most important goal is taking care of your loved ones and passing down the things you’ve learned to the next generation. As you age, you need someone who will be there to walk you through the process of integrating your end-of-life desires with your financial plan. Whether it’s Wealth Transfer, Trust Management, or Philanthropy, we work alongside of you and your attorney, making the process simple and stress-free.

+ Executive Compensation and Related Benefits

One of our specialties lies in understanding the intricacies of your company compensation plan. Qualified and non-qualified stock options, grants, restricted stock plans… these benefits packages can be confusing. We develop a deep understanding of your compensation package, analyze the different puzzle pieces, and then integrate these key components all within your comprehensive financial strategy.

+ Career Change / Counseling

You studied hard, you’ve worked hard, and you have experienced a successful career thus far, but you’re at a crossroads where you want to try something different – something new. Perhaps you’d like to pursue work that is more meaningful, less stressful, or a career that offers more flexibility and time with your family. Maybe you want to start a business. As you deliberate over this potential life transition, we can help you determine, health insurance options, the loss/replacement of other benefits, strategies to mitigate potential lifestyle changes throughout the process, the overall financial impact of such a change, whether you can afford to quit working, and a clear sense of what would happen if this change doesn’t work out in the end.

+ Business Succession Planning

Building a business is hard work, long hours, and it’s expensive. We know because we’re a family-owned business, too. Your business is your “baby” and it’s incredibly difficult to let go and move on to the next chapter in your life. When you decide that it’s time to part ways, you face a multitude of questions and challenges. What is your business really worth? How do you structure the sale of the business in the most tax-efficient manner possible? Do you have enough money from the business sale in order to move on to that next chapter? Just like every family needs a retirement plan, positioning your business and its ownership structure for transition and sale requires the construction of a comprehensive business succession plan. We provide a team approach, working with you and your consultants, tax professionals, and attorneys, to ensure your family legacy and vision of retirement are maximized.

+ Insurance Advice

As a Fee-Only Fiduciary, we do not sell insurance. However, as you proceed through our Wealth Management Process, we provide in-depth analysis of all your (life, health, disability, liability, malpractice, and long-term care) insurance policies. Once we have completed any applicable needs analyses, we then determine any need for the replacement of, or additional insurance. From there, we work alongside your preferred insurance agent or refer you to one of our trusted professionals who will help you buy the highest quality, most appropriate amount of insurance for the lowest possible cost available.

+ Financial Planning for Women

Whether you’re married, divorced, widowed, or blissfully single, successful women worry about their financial security and the dream of a fulfilling retirement. In fact, many times the women in our lives take charge of not only their own balance in living a comfortable life, but also their children and grandchildren’s lives, as well as the lives of their parents and in-laws. All of these concerns can create immense anxiety, but with proper step-by-step planning, we arrange a comprehensive blueprint that brings together all aspects of your multi-generational financial planning.

+ College Savings Strategies

When planning for the overwhelming cost of higher education, think back to the last time you flew on a plane. The flight attendant always reminds you, “in the case of a sudden drop of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, and then assist the other person.” When going through our Wealth Management Process, we will help you create an all-encompassing plan that incorporates your aspirations with regard to college savings, but a strategy that puts your retirement dreams first.

+ Tax Planning

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals, we understand tax laws and other aspects of your tax return to the extent that we can construct strategies to keep your tax bill as low as possible today and in the future. Through the use of retirement plans including but not limited to 401(k)’s, Profit Sharing Plans, Executive Benefit Plans, SIMPLE IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, Traditional and Roth IRA’s – and through the implementation of tax loss harvesting, charitable planning, income and distribution planning, we provide proactive income tax planning related to your investments, savings, and retirement plan strategies, all while coordinating the details with your CPA.

+ Other Miscellaneous Services Include:

• Comprehensive financial plans available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

• Unlimited access to your retirement portfolio online

• Annual events and educational opportunities.

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