Tiffany Lawrence

Administrative Assistant

Tiffany grew up in Grove City, where she still resides along with her husband, Evan, and their infant son, Tanner. She enjoys spending time with her family; activities like fishing, visiting the Zoo and Cosi, and family game nights. Her family also enjoys going to different parks with their two schnauzers, Roscoe & Lucy. Tiffany loves shopping and all things “girly.” She is also a free-lance make-up artist in her spare time.


Tiffany is an Administrative Assistant at Libertas Wealth Management Group, Inc. and has been with the firm since 2019. Her primary roles are as follows:

  • Managing the calendars of all financial advisers at Libertas.
  • Assisting clients with a wide range of information regarding their accounts, including but not limited to direct deposits & withdrawals, account/investment values, and online account access to client accounts and financial plans.
  • Assisting with the management of the Libertas on-boarding and ongoing concierge services when new clients join our family and throughout the client relationship.

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