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Meet our experienced wealth management professionals.

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Libertas Cares

Information on the many charities we proudly support.

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Small Business Owners

It’s important to grow the value of your investments, it is crucial to put additional focus on your single biggest asset – your business. While most business owners have other investments, the average owner invests most of their money directly into their business. We know from experience… after all, we’re business owners, too!

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Real People & Real Solutions

Each of these scenarios involve real clients we work with and their stories. Their name(s), titles, and in some cases gender may have been changed for the sake of confidentiality and anonymity.

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Client Minimums & Discounts

At Libertas Wealth Management Group, we cater our services primarily to those with whom we can make a large impact. In addition, we want to continue to maintain the high-touch, personal, customized service our current clients have become accustomed to, […]

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Financial Advisor

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