Small Business Owners

Comprehensive Wealth Management for Small Business Owners:

The numbers tell us that 80% of small business owners’ net worth is tied directly to their business.  Keeping this in mind, and building strategies around this fact, our process for long-term financial planning and wealth management focuses on the concept that ALL of your assets – including the sellable value of your business – need to be grown to their maximum value in order to meet your long-term financial goals.

But that’s not all… more than 75% of owners do not have a plan for “life after business,” which is why we implement advanced financial planning for every small business owner we work with as part of the initial step in our process.  We know that preparing to exit the company you’ve poured your heart and soul into for so many years is one of the most important things you will ever do, and it’s never too early to start planning.

Growing the Value of Your Business:

It’s important to grow the value of your investments, it is crucial to put additional focus on your single biggest asset – your business.  While most business owners have other investments, the average owner invests most of their money directly into their business.  We know from experience… after all, we’re business owners, too!

The sad truth, however, is that only 20% of businesses actually sell, and only 3% of businesses sell for what the owner(s) feel the company is worth.  This means that roughly 8-out-of-10 business owners could lose 80% of their net worth upon retirement, which is precisely why so many never retire.

Exit Planning for Owners:

You need a strategist that can help you diagnose shortcomings within the business, discover gaps that can easily be filled, manage and grow the value of your largest single asset – your company.  You need an advisor who can find the untapped capital in your company and help you realize a profit from it when decide to retire and/or sell your business.

Growing your business isn’t just about the time and money you’ve put into it, your gross revenue, and the widget you sell… it’s about monitoring and adapting to increasing competition, market volatility, legal changes, employee demands, taxes, and other external threats.  It’s about managing inventory, team members, and marketing.  It’s about meeting personal, employee, and customer expectations.

Finding the opportunities for improvement and getting all these areas under control is a monumental task.  However, with the help of Libertas by your side, you don’t have to learn these strategies on your own.  We’re here to guide you to and through success, right up to your ultimate destination… a seamless, profitable, stress-free business exit.

Retirement Plans for Business Owners:

There is a multitude of ways that a small business owner can show appreciation to their team, and one of those ways is through the implementation of a planning tool that can help them make work “optional” someday as well.  An employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as 401(k) or SIMPLE IRA, can act as a great hiring and retention benefit for your employees.

That being said, many times the employer’s retirement interests and the employees’ don’t necessarily align perfectly.  For this reason, we have a process of identifying the right plan and structure that best serves your business, your employees, and your own personal best interests.  Furthermore, these plans provide you and those who participate with low cost investments, tax deductions and/or tax-free growth, all while providing a roadmap to a successful financial future for both you and your team.

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