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In this day and age, technology is omnipresent and an integral part of our lives, and for this reason, Libertas Wealth has clients all over the United States.

It all started many years ago when we experienced our first client moving out of state to follow an exciting career change. Over time, more clients moved, and many more retired and transplanted to warmer climates to escape the cold Ohio weather. Eventually, we began receiving referrals from those same clients, asking us to speak to their new friends and loved ones in their new state of residence.

In the majority of cases, we will accept new clients and take them through our Wealth Management Process via online web conference, but there have been several occurrences in the past when we have been asked if we will travel to visit clients for at least one of the first few introductory meetings.

If you live outside of central Ohio, we are willing to travel in order to initially meet face-to-face. However, due to the cost and time out of the office, we implement higher portfolio minimums as a requisite to such travel arrangements:

$500,000 minimum investable assets if residence is located within the state of Ohio.
$1,000,000 minimum investable assets if residence is located outside of Ohio.

Otherwise, if you do not require a face-to-face meeting, our standard, $250,000 is all that applies. That being said, the vast majority of our out-of-town clients have been more-than-satisfied going through our process via web conference, and continue to efficiently implement regularly scheduled financial plan review meetings in this manner.


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